Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DJ Kai - Playing bass in the gutter

DJ Kai - Playing bass in the gutter 


 Switched gears and went heavy with some UK BASS & UK Funky.
will have another mix of this type up soon.Feeling this sound right about now.

play list:
1 Pooch (Hackman Remix) Josh H
2 Nou Original Mix Krueger
3 Great Northern Diver Dexter
4 Slow Down F
5 The Flute Tune (Maddslinky Remix) DVA
6 Hello Kitty CEDAA
7 The Bells! (VIP) CRST
8 Frequencies Teeth
9 Hex Pangaea
10 Seen (original mix) WOZ
11 Oakay WOZ
12 Could U Want Me (Blackwax remix) Kastle
13 Brick Wall WOZ
14 Stolen (Dub One) Paul Woolford & Psycatron
15 Gain WOZ
16 Territory (Woz remix) WOZ
17 Glut Ramadanman
18 Fiber Optic (Jon Convex Love Transmission Remix) Echo Park
19 Galactica Original Mix Krueger

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